ICAR-Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute
(Indian Council of Agricultural Research)


 CIRCULARS for the Year 2015


F.No. 11(4)/08-Admin-I        Dated 28-11-2015
(Cashier post - Reg.)
F.No. 9(13)/2015-Hindi        Dated 24-11-2015
F.No. 9(2)/2015-Hindi        Dated 20-11-2015
(Sankhiyaki Vimarsh - Reg.)
F.No. 20(6)/2014-Admin-II        Dated 10-11-2015
(Attendence by Biometric Attendence Machine - Reg.)
F.No. HOD/Note/2015           Dated 05-11-2015
(Entry of training programmes in the ERP System - Reg.)
F.No. 9(13)/2015-Hindi        Dated 29-10-2015
(Hind Rajbhasha - Reg.)
F.No. 3(18)/2002-OMV         Dated 30-10-2015
(Seminar on Vigilance Awareness - Reg.)
F.No. 20(19)/2014-Admin-I        Dated 30-10-2015
(Oath Ceremony for Rashtriya Ekta Diwas - Reg.)
F.No. 22(26)/2015-Admn.II         Dated 29-10-2015
(Revision in the guidelines for SRF and RA working in the ICAR schemes - Reg.)
F.No. 3(18)/2002-OMV         Dated 21-10-2015
(Oath Ceremony for Vigilance Week - Reg.)
F.No. Sports committee/2015         Dated 15-10-2015
(Central zone sports selection schedule - Reg.)
F.No. 16(4)/2008-Admn-II          Dated 14-10-2015
(Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013 -Regd)
F.No. 3(18)/2002-OMV         Dated 12-10-2015
(Oath Ceremony for Vigilance Week - Reg.)
F.No. Sports committee/2015          Dated 06-10-2015
(Central ZOne sports -Regd)
F.No. 20(6)/2014-Admn.II         Dated 07-10-2015
(Aadhar Enabled Biometric Attendence System-Reg.)
F.No. 16(4)/2008-Admn-II          Dated 06-10-2015
(Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013 -Regd)
F.No. 20(22)/2014-Admn.I         Dated 28-09-2015
(Swach Bharat Mission- Reg.)
F.No. 3(18)/2002-OMV          Dated 22-09-2015
F.No.1(2)/2015-EMU          Dated 21-09-2015
(Equipement Centralized Complaint Help Desk- Reg.)
F.No. 5(1)/2010-Admin-II      Dated 19-09-2015
F.No. 9(8)/2015-Hindi          Dated 11-09-2015
F.No. 20(3)/2015-Admin -I          Dated 04-09-2015
(Taking prior permission for leaving station- Reg.)
F.No. 4(3)/2015-ACR          Dated 01-09-2015
(collection of AAR in r/o Scientist- Reg.)
F.No. 16(4)/2008-Admin-II      Dated 24-08-2015
(Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act,2013-Regd)
F.No.9(8)/2015-Hindi              Dated 13-08-2015
(Hindi week -Regd)
F.No. 22(26)/2015-Admn-II          Dated 23-07-2015
(Revised Rates of emoluments for Senior Research Fellow (SRF) and Research Associates (RA) working in the ICAR funded schemes-Regd)
F.No. 22(26)/2015-Admn-II          Dated 15-07-2015
(Revised Rates of emoluments for Senior Research Fellow (SRF) and Research Associates (RA) working in the ICAR funded schemes-Regd)
F.No.20/22/2014-Admin-1       Dated 01-07-2015
(swatch abhiyan-Regd)
F.No. 20(29)/2007-Admn-I          Dated 28-05-2015
(Acting Head, Sample Survey Division-Regd)
F.No.13(04)/2014-Admn.-I           Dated 22-06-2015
(Office Order for Honorarium-Regd)
F.No. 20(22)/2015-Admn-I          Dated 20-06-2015
(For all Officers and staff of IASRI for information and implementation-Regd)
F.No.Circular/Hesd of Office/2014      Dated 08-06-2015
(swatch abhiyan-Regd)
F.No. 20(3)/2015-Admn-I          Dated 06-06-2015
(Officers and staff of IASRI have been visiting the SMD -Regd)
F.No.20(22)/2014-Admn.-I           Dated 06-06-2015
(swatch bharat abhiyan-Regd)
F.No. 9(1)/2015-Hindi (Part.)          Dated 22-05-2015
(Hindi Pragati Report -Regd)
F.No. 1(9)/2015-Admn-I          Dated 22-05-2015
(CGHS -Regd)
F.No. 16(4)/2008-Admn-II          Dated 28-04-2015
(Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013 -Regd)
F.No.20(22)/2014-Admn.-I (Part)      Dated 25-04-2015
(swatch bharat abhiyan-Regd)

F.No. 17(2)/2015-Admn-I          Dated 21-04-2015
(Revised performance evaluation/score card for peomotion/upward movement of ARS Scientists under the revised CAS effective from 1.1.2009 -Regd)

F.No. 16(4)/2008-Admn-II          Dated 17-04-2015
(Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013 -Regd)

F.No.16(4)/2008-Admn-II          Dated 07-04-2015
(Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013 -Regd)

  F.No.20(1)/2015-Admn.-I          Dated 31-03-2015
(IASRI, New Delhi shall henceforce be serviced and monitored at the ICAR Headquareters by the Engineering Division/ DDG (Engineering)-Regd)

F.No. Sec. Adm. off. 2015-Maint          Dated 28-02-2015
(Office Directory-Regd)

F.No. 1(12)/89-OMV            Dated 02-03-2015
(ICAR F.No. 1(3)/2015-Vig-I Dated 25-02-2015-Regd)

F.No.20(6)/2015-Admn.-I           Dated 28-02-2015
(Treatment of period of Deputation of ICAR Personnel-Regd)

F.No. 20(3)/2015-Admn.-I            Dated 25-02-2015
(Centre for Agricultural Bioinformatics (CABin)-Regd)

F.No.20(05)/2015-Admn.-I          Dated 20-02-2015
(Cash Award Scheme for Administrator/Technical Supporting category employees of ICAR-Regd)

F.No. 20(22)/2014-Admn.-I            Dated 20-02-2015
(Swachh Bharat Mission-Regd)
F.No. 17(2)/2014-Admn.-I            Dated 18-02-2015

F.No.20(17)/2014-Admn.-I            Dated 02-02-2015
(Closing of Central Government Offices in connection with general election to the Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi, 2015-Regd)

F.No.16(4)/2008-Admin-II            Dated 14-01-2015
(Regd - Under Sec 44 of the Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013)

F.No.20(17)/2014-Admn.-I            Dated 15-01-2015
(Legislative Assembly Election of Delhi, 2015-Regd)

F.No. 20(1)/2015-Admn.-I            Dated 12-01-2015
(Regarding - Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act,2013)

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