ICAR-Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute
(Indian Council of Agricultural Research)




F.No. 9(14)/2014-Hindi                        Dated 28-11-2016
 (Report of Hindi Pakhwada - reg.)

F.No.20(198)/2016-Admn.I                       Dated  25-11-2016
 ( Constitution day celebration )

F.No. 20(3)/2015-Admn.I                    Dated 22-11-2016
 (Institutional Deputation Committee for foreign visit - reg.)

F.No.20(14)/1994-Admn.I                       Dated 18-11-2016
 ( Sadhbawna Diwas )

F.No. 27(6)/2016-Cdn.(Tech.)                Dated 16-11-2016
 (Swachh Bharat Pakhwada - reg.)

F.No.3(18)/2002-OMV                     Dated 02-11-2016

F.No. 3(18)/2002-OMV                Dated 28-09-2016  

F.No.sports committee-2/2016           Dated 15-10-2016

F.No. 9(12)/2016-Hindi                    Dated 05-10-2016
 (Hindi Prakashan Lekh - reg)

F.No.20(22)/2014-Admin-I                 Dated 29-09-2016
(Swachh pakhwada celebration on 2nd Oct 2016)

F.No. 20(38)/2008-Admin-I                Dated 27-09-2016  

F.No.20(3)/2015-Admin-I                 Dated 27-09-2016

F.No. 9(1)/2016-Admin-II                Dated 23-09-2016
(Guidelines for Intra-institute Transfers - Reg)

F.No.10(08)/2016-Hindi                      Dated 19-09-2016

F.No. 9(8)/2016-Hindi                          Dated 12-09-2016
(Hindi samapan samaroh - Reg)

F.No.15(2)/2015 -Admn.I                       Dated 8-09-2016
(Holiday in r/o  Id- Ul- Juha (Bakraid) - Reg)

F.No. 9(8)/2016-Hindi (Part.I)               Dated 6-09-2016
(Hindi Diwas - Reg)

F.No.3(9)/2016 -CPS                              Dated 6-09-2016
(Banning of business with M/s Micromax- Reg)

F.No. 9(1)/2016-Admn. II                       Dated 2-09-2016
(Inter Institutional transfer of Technical employees- Reg)

F.No.20(3)/2015  Admn. I                         Dated 30-08-2016
(processing of foreign deputation- Reg)

F.No. 9(8)/2016-Hindi (V)                      Dated 29-08-2016
(Antakshri program- Reg)

F.No.11(3)/2016/Caretaker                   Dated 27-08-2016
(Cleanliness under swatch  bharat abhiyan- Reg)

F.No. 11(3)/2016/Caretaker                 Dated 27-08-2016
(prior information to caretaker in r/o auditorium - Reg)

F.No.TAC                                              Dated 27-08-2016
(Training programmes schedule  - Reg)

F.No. 2(46)/2016-ACR                              Dated 26-08-2016
(Copy of Annual Assessment Report 2015-16- Reg)

F.No.9(8)/2016-Hindi                            Dated 23-08-2016
(Hindi Pakhwada  - Reg)

F.No. 20(22)/2014-Admn. I                   Dated 20-08-2016
(Lecture on Indent filling through ERP - Reg)

F.No.9(8)/2015-Hindi ( Pt. III )             Dated 19-08-2016
(Hindi Pakhwada 2016  - Reg)

F.No. 20(19)/1992-Admn. I                   Dated 19-08-2016
(Sadbavna Diwas  - Reg)

F.No.  ERP                                             Dated 16-08-2016
(Applications through ERP only - Reg)

F.No.20(22)/14-Admn.I                   Dated 02-08-2016
(Swatch Bharat Mission  - Reg)

F.No.20(3)/2015-Admn.I                        Dated 26-07-2016
(Renewal of Tenure of RMPs and Non-RMPs - Reg)

F.No.18(1)/16-Admn.II                   Dated 20-07-2016
(Free Dental & Eye checkup camp  - Reg)

F.No.9(1)/2016-TAC                        Dated 29-06-2016
(Annual Day celebrations  - Reg)

F.No.14(12)/2016-Admn.I                   Dated 24-06-2016
(RA and SRF   - Reg)

F.No.20(16)/2016-Admn.I                    Dated 24-06-2016
(Inter Institutional Transfer in r/o Scientist  - Reg)

F.No.10(9)/2015-Hindi                   Dated 23-06-2016

F.No.20(15)/2016-Admn.I                  Dated 20-06-2016
(Yog  Diwas  - Reg)

F.No.9(5)/2016-Hindi                   Dated 07-06-2016

F.No.20(38)/2014-Admn.I                Dated 04-06-2016
(Coordinator of ITH & Panse Hostel - Reg)

F.No.11(1)/2016-Admn.I                   Dated 2-06-2016
(Material for Breaking News for Doordarshan - Reg)

F.No.20(3)/2015-Admn.I                        Dated 2-06-2016
(Guidelines for Data Management in ICAR - Reg)

F.No.9(6)/2015-Hindi (Part-III)                    Dated 31-05-2016

F.No.9(17)/2016-Hindi                        Dated 28-05-2016
(Hindi Rajbhasha   - Reg)

F.No.PGS/3-7/2016                   Dated 26-05-2016

F.No.9(1)/2016-Recruitment Cell                   Dated 25-04-2016

F.No.9(1)/2016-Recruitment Cell                    Dated 06-04-2016
F.No.20(12)/2009-Admn.I                    Dated 15-3-2016
(Allocation of work in r/o Administrative Section - Reg)

F.No.20(12)/2009-Admn.I                        Dated 16-11-2015
(Appointment of CPIO  - Reg)

F.No.20(22)/2014-Admn.I                    Dated 26-5-2016
(Visit to Titarpur Village Rajori Garden for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan - Reg)

D.No.CETP for TO                        Dated 18-5-2016
(10 days Training Program at NAARM Hyderabad for Technical Officer  - Reg)

F.No.20(38)/2014-Admn.I                    Dated 18-5-2016
(Appointment of Incharge in r/o ITH and Panse Guest House  - Reg)

F.No. 1(2)/2015-EMU                        Dated 11-5-2016
(Nodal Officer  IT Equipment AMC  - Reg)

F.No.20(40)/94-Admn.I                    Dated 20-5-2016
(Anti Terrorism Day  - Reg)

F.No. 30(6)/2014-Admn.II                       Dated 20-5-2016
(Biometric Attendence System  - Reg)

F.No.10(03)/2015-Hindi                    Dated 19-5-2016
(Organizing Hindi Workshop  - Reg)

F.No. 20(22)/2014-Admn.I                       Dated 13-5-2016
(Swachh Bharat Mission  - Reg)

F.No.12(02)/2013-Cash                    Dated 6-5-2016
(Tax Declaration for the financial year 2016-17  - Reg)
F.No. 20(29)/2015-Admn-I         Dated 22-1-2016 
(Vigilance Clearance - Reg)
F.No. 20(3)/2015-Admn-I        Dated 19-1-2016 
(Tour Program of Dir/Project Director - Reg)
F.No. 9(2)/2015-Hindi         Dated 13-1-2016 
(Hindi Prakashan - Reg)
F.No. 20(29)/2015-Admn-I        Dated 13-1-2016 
(ICAR's 21st AIEEA  - Reg.)
F.No. 20(22)/2014-Admn-I         Dated 11-1-2016 
(Swach Bharat Mission - Reg)
F.No. 20(1)/2012-Admn-I        Dated 07-1-2016 
(Holidays in Year 2016 - Reg.)
F.No. 20(3)/2015-Admn-I         Dated 5-1-2016 
(Tour Program of RMS - Reg)
F.No. 20(3)/2015-Admn-I         Dated 5-1-2016
(Pension Revison in r/o Pre-2006 Scientific category- Reg)
F.No. 11(4)/08-Admin-I        Dated 28-11-2015
(Cashier post - Reg.)
F.No. 9(13)/2015-Hindi        Dated 24-11-2015
F.No. 9(2)/2015-Hindi        Dated 20-11-2015
(Sankhiyaki Vimarsh - Reg.)
F.No. 20(6)/2014-Admin-II        Dated 10-11-2015
(Attendence by Biometric Attendence Machine - Reg.)
F.No. HOD/Note/2015           Dated 05-11-2015
(Entry of training programmes in the ERP System - Reg.)
F.No. 9(13)/2015-Hindi        Dated 29-10-2015
(Hind Rajbhasha - Reg.)
F.No. 3(18)/2002-OMV         Dated 30-10-2015
(Seminar on Vigilance Awareness - Reg.)
F.No. 20(19)/2014-Admin-I        Dated 30-10-2015
(Oath Ceremony for Rashtriya Ekta Diwas - Reg.)
F.No. 22(26)/2015-Admn.II         Dated 29-10-2015
(Revision in the guidelines for SRF and RA working in the ICAR schemes - Reg.)
F.No. 3(18)/2002-OMV         Dated 21-10-2015
(Oath Ceremony for Vigilance Week - Reg.)
F.No. Sports committee/2015         Dated 15-10-2015
(Central zone sports selection schedule - Reg.)
F.No. 16(4)/2008-Admn-II          Dated 14-10-2015
(Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013 -Regd)
F.No. 3(18)/2002-OMV         Dated 12-10-2015
(Oath Ceremony for Vigilance Week - Reg.)
F.No. Sports committee/2015          Dated 06-10-2015
(Central ZOne sports -Regd)
F.No. 20(6)/2014-Admn.II         Dated 07-10-2015
(Aadhar Enabled Biometric Attendence System-Reg.)
F.No. 16(4)/2008-Admn-II          Dated 06-10-2015
(Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013 -Regd)
F.No. 20(22)/2014-Admn.I         Dated 28-09-2015
(Swach Bharat Mission- Reg.)
F.No. 3(18)/2002-OMV          Dated 22-09-2015
F.No.1(2)/2015-EMU          Dated 21-09-2015
(Equipement Centralized Complaint Help Desk- Reg.)
F.No. 5(1)/2010-Admin-II      Dated 19-09-2015
F.No. 9(8)/2015-Hindi          Dated 11-09-2015
F.No. 20(3)/2015-Admin -I          Dated 04-09-2015
(Taking prior permission for leaving station- Reg.)
F.No. 4(3)/2015-ACR          Dated 01-09-2015
(collection of AAR in r/o Scientist- Reg.)
F.No. 16(4)/2008-Admin-II      Dated 24-08-2015
(Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act,2013-Regd)
F.No.9(8)/2015-Hindi              Dated 13-08-2015
(Hindi week -Regd)
F.No. 22(26)/2015-Admn-II          Dated 23-07-2015
(Revised Rates of emoluments for Senior Research Fellow (SRF) and Research Associates (RA) working in the ICAR funded schemes-Regd)
F.No. 22(26)/2015-Admn-II          Dated 15-07-2015
(Revised Rates of emoluments for Senior Research Fellow (SRF) and Research Associates (RA) working in the ICAR funded schemes-Regd)
F.No.20/22/2014-Admin-1       Dated 01-07-2015
(swatch abhiyan-Regd)
F.No. 20(29)/2007-Admn-I          Dated 28-05-2015
(Acting Head, Sample Survey Division-Regd)
F.No.13(04)/2014-Admn.-I           Dated 22-06-2015
(Office Order for Honorarium-Regd)
F.No. 20(22)/2015-Admn-I          Dated 20-06-2015
(For all Officers and staff of IASRI for information and implementation-Regd)
F.No.Circular/Hesd of Office/2014      Dated 08-06-2015
(swatch abhiyan-Regd)
F.No. 20(3)/2015-Admn-I          Dated 06-06-2015
(Officers and staff of IASRI have been visiting the SMD -Regd)
F.No.20(22)/2014-Admn.-I           Dated 06-06-2015
(swatch bharat abhiyan-Regd)
F.No. 9(1)/2015-Hindi (Part.)          Dated 22-05-2015
(Hindi Pragati Report -Regd)
F.No. 1(9)/2015-Admn-I          Dated 22-05-2015
(CGHS -Regd)
F.No. 16(4)/2008-Admn-II          Dated 28-04-2015
(Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013 -Regd)
F.No.20(22)/2014-Admn.-I (Part)      Dated 25-04-2015
(swatch bharat abhiyan-Regd)

F.No. 17(2)/2015-Admn-I          Dated 21-04-2015
(Revised performance evaluation/score card for peomotion/upward movement of ARS Scientists under the revised CAS effective from 1.1.2009 -Regd)

F.No. 16(4)/2008-Admn-II          Dated 17-04-2015
(Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013 -Regd)

F.No.16(4)/2008-Admn-II          Dated 07-04-2015
(Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013 -Regd)

  F.No.20(1)/2015-Admn.-I          Dated 31-03-2015
(IASRI, New Delhi shall henceforce be serviced and monitored at the ICAR Headquareters by the Engineering Division/ DDG (Engineering)-Regd)

F.No. Sec. Adm. off. 2015-Maint          Dated 28-02-2015
(Office Directory-Regd)

F.No. 1(12)/89-OMV            Dated 02-03-2015
(ICAR F.No. 1(3)/2015-Vig-I Dated 25-02-2015-Regd)

F.No.20(6)/2015-Admn.-I           Dated 28-02-2015
(Treatment of period of Deputation of ICAR Personnel-Regd)

F.No. 20(3)/2015-Admn.-I            Dated 25-02-2015
(Centre for Agricultural Bioinformatics (CABin)-Regd)

F.No.20(05)/2015-Admn.-I          Dated 20-02-2015
(Cash Award Scheme for Administrator/Technical Supporting category employees of ICAR-Regd)

F.No. 20(22)/2014-Admn.-I            Dated 20-02-2015
(Swachh Bharat Mission-Regd)
F.No. 17(2)/2014-Admn.-I            Dated 18-02-2015

F.No.20(17)/2014-Admn.-I            Dated 02-02-2015
(Closing of Central Government Offices in connection with general election to the Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi, 2015-Regd)

F.No.16(4)/2008-Admin-II            Dated 14-01-2015
(Regd - Under Sec 44 of the Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013)

F.No.20(17)/2014-Admn.-I            Dated 15-01-2015
(Legislative Assembly Election of Delhi, 2015-Regd)

F.No. 20(1)/2015-Admn.-I            Dated 12-01-2015
(Regarding - Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act,2013)
F.No.16(4)/2008-Admin-II            Dated 30-12-2014
(Regd - Under Sec 44 of the Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013)

F.No. 20(38)/2008-Admn.-I            Dated 24-12-2014
(Regarding - NASM committee)

F.No.20(17)/2013-Admn.-I            Dated 18-12-2014
(Regd - Annual Immovable Property Return)

F.No.5(2)/2013-Audit             Dated 21-11-2014
(Regd - Advances)

F.No.20(29)/2010-Admin-1           Dated 27-10-2014
(Simplification of forms/formats)

F.No.20(1)/2012-Admin-I            Dated 30-09-2014
(Circulr for 2nd Oct., 2014)

Hindi Prize Distribution          Dated 12-09-2014

F.No.20(6)/2014-Admin-II            Dated 17-09-2014
(Aadhar Enabled Biometric Attendance System)

F.No.20(29)/2010-Admin-1           Dated 09-09-2014
(Economy in use of paper)

F.No.20(6)/2014-Admin-II            Dated 05-09-2014
(Aadhar Enabled Biometric Attendance System)

F.No.20(29)/2010-Admin-1           Dated 29-08-2014

F.No.9(12)/2014-Hindi           Dated 25-08-2014
(Programmes of Hindi weak)

F.No.9(12)/2014-Hindi           Dated 14-08-2014
(Programmes of Hindi weak)

F.No.03(1)2013-Admn.II           Dated 04-08-2014
(Withdrawal from the list of Diagnostic Labs and Imaging Centers)

F.No. 5(2)/2013-14 Audit            Dated 28-07-2014
(Regarding - GFR Rule 29)

 DST Sponsored Training programme

F.No. 20(16)/2014-Admn-I          Dated 23-06-2014
(Regarding - Directions received in pursuance of the Hon'ble PM interaction with Secretaries to the Government of India on 04-06-2014)

F.No. 14(1)/2014-Admn-II            Dated 28-06-2014
(Regarding - New plastic Identity Card)

F.No. 20(16)/2014-Admn-I          Dated 23-06-2014
(Regarding - Directions received in pursuance of the Hon'ble PM interaction with Secretaries to the Government of India on 04-06-2014)

F.No. AU/Audit/2013-14             Dated 07-05-2014
(Regarding - Outstanding advanves upto 30-04-2014)

 F.No. AU/Audit/2013-14            Dated 21-04-2014
(Regarding - Outstanding advanves upto 31-03-2014)

 F.No. 17(1)2014-Admn.-I.         Dated 21-04-2014
(Regarding - Assessment of  Sr. Scientist)

 F.No.20(11)2010-Admn. I           Dated 30-01-2014
(Review of existing qualifications for recruitment of ARS Scientists at entry level)

 F.No. 20(38)2008-Admn.-I.         Dated 31-01-2014
(Regarding - Biometric attendance)

 F.No.5(2)2013-14 Audit           Dated 27-01-2014
(Regarding - GFR Rule 29)

F.No. 36(12)2013-Maint.           Dated 28-12-2013
(Regarding - allotment of staff quarters)

F.No. 2(41)2013-A.C.R.           Dated 6-09-2013
(Regarding - APAR )

F.No. 16(04)2008-Admn-II           Dated 26-07-2013
(Regarding - Suitable designations to the eight grades of Technical cadre)

F.No. 5(2)/2013-14 Audit Sect.         Dated 16-07-2013

F.No. 17(1)2012-Admn-I           Dated 13-03-2013
(Regarding promotions/upward movement of ARS Scientists)

F.No. 03(1)/2013-Admn-II         Dated 28-02-2013
(Regarding CGHS)

Amendment, additions and re-iteration of instruction contained in the 13th edition of Central Manual of Offcie Procedure (CSMOP)- regarding 

 Circular no.20(5)/12-Admin.-I Dated : 03-12-2012

F.No. 24(11)/2012-Cash           Dated 06-11-2012
(Regarding LTC)

 Allotment of Residential Accommodation to officers on transfer/selection to various units of the Council- regarding

Recognisation of Technical and Professional qualifications

 F.No. 19(16)/2011-Estt.-IV (Pt.II)           Dated 13-06-2012

F.No. 19(16)/2011-Estt.-IV (Pt.)            Dated 04-05-2012

 F.No. 20(38)/2008-Admn.-I            Dated 05-07-2012

F.No. 6-3/98-CDN(A&A)(Vol.II) Dated 14-06-2012

Establishment of  "The Agriculture Centre" and its membership - reg.

Revised model qualifications for Scientists and Research managers in the ICAR system - reg.

Granting of advance increments to technical employees of ICAR consequent to the implementation of recommendations of VI Pay Commission - Reg.

Clearance of Probation and confirmation in respect of ARS Scientist - reg.

Revised model qualifications for Scientists and Research Managers in the ICAR system

Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) effctive from 1.1.2009 Clarifications - Reg.

Booking of air tickets through authorized travel agents-regarding

Performa for deputation scientist to participate in the conference, etc.

Implementation of recommendations Dr RS Paroda Committee regarding Human Resource capacity building in ICAR

Nomination for Family pension

Performa for CGHS details

Fresh empanelment of  private hospitals and revision of package rates applicable under CGHS
  Domestic Corporate deal between ICAR & Air India Ltd. - Deal Code No. D-095

The existing Delegation of Power to Project Coordinators

Administrative Circular-7/2011 - Reporting requirements - revision of - regarding

 Award Letter of AMC of Computing Devices

Extension of permission/approval for reimbursement of cost of  Neuro-implants etc. for CGHS beneficiaries covered under CS(MA) rules

Revision of income limit for dependency for the purpose of providing CGHS coverage to family members of the CGHS covered employees subsequent to implementation of recommendations of the sixth Central Pay Commission - regarding  

Expenditure Management - Economy Measures and Rationalization of Expenditure Guidelines related to LTC

List of Hospitals and Diagnostic Centers under CGHS, Delhi

(Medical facility on credit basis for IASRI, New Delhi)

No. 1(12)/89 - OMV     Dt. 23.05.2008
(Improving Vigilance Administration)

No. 10(3)/2002- Admn.II     Dt. 25.09.2006 
(Amend the Rules of the Society)

 No. 2(1)/2006- Per.IV     Dt. 16.05.2006 
(Communication of 'Average' grading to the employees)

No. 10(03)/2002- Admn.II  Dt. 25.03.2006 
(Amendment in Technical Service Rules)

No. 10(01)/2005- Admn.II  Dt. 04.01.2006 
(Career Advancement of Technical Employees- Merit Promotion)
No. 1(12)/89-OMV  Dt. 23-08-2005
(Guidelines of  Rule 20 of the CCS (Conduct) Rule 1964)

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