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This page is in development phase. Please keep visiting here for steps of analysis of data from other designed experiments.We welcome your valuable suggestions. Kindly send your comments/suggestions to:


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Descriptive Statistics
Tests of Significance
Correlation and Regression
Completely Randomised Design
RCB Design
Incomplete Block Design
Resolvable Block Design
Augmented Design
Latin Square Design
Factorial RCB Design
Partially Confounded Design
Factorial Experiment with Extra Treatments
Split Plot Design
Strip Plot Design
Response Surface Design
Cross Over Design
Analysis of Covariance
Diagnostics and Remedial Measures
Principal Component Analysis
Cluster Analysis
Groups of Experiments
Non-Linear Models
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Other Designed Experiments
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For exposure on SAS, SPSS, MINITAB, SYSTAT and  
MS-EXCEL for analysis of data  from designed experiments:

 Please see Module I of Electronic Book II: Advances in Data Analytical Techniques

available at Design Resources Server (