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Randomized Complete Block Design 


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  Example 1: An initial varietal trial (Late Sown, irrigated) was conducted to study the performance of 20 new strains of mustard vis-a-vis four checks (Swarna Jyoti: ZC; Vardan: NC; Varuna: NC; and Kranti: NC) using a Randomized complete Block Design (RCB) design at Bhatinda with 3 replications. The seed yield in kg/ha was recorded. The details of the experiment are given below:

Yield in kg/ha 

Strain Code Replications
1 2 3
RK-04-3 MCN-04-110 1539.69 1412.35 1319.73
RK-04-4 MCN-04-111 1261.85 1065.05 1111.36
RGN-124 MCN-04-112 1389.19 1516.54 1203.97
HYT-27 MCN-04-113 1192.39 1215.55 1157.66
PBR-275 MCN-04-114 1250.27 1203.97 1366.04
HUJM-03-03 MCN-04-115 1296.58 1273.43 1308.16
RGN-123 MCN-04-116 1227.12 1018.74 937.71
BIO-13-01 MCN-04-117 1273.43 1157.66 1088.20
RH-0115 MCN-04-118 1180.82 1203.97 1041.90
RH-0213 MCN-04-119 1296.58 1458.65 1250.27
NRCDR-05 MCN-04-120 1122.93 1065.05 1018.74
NRC-323-1 MCN-04-121 1250.27 926.13 1030.32
RRN-596 MCN-04-122 1180.82 1053.47 717.75
RRN-597 MCN-04-123 1146.09 1180.82 856.67
CS-234-2 MCN-04-124 1574.42 1412.35 1597.57
RM-109 MCN-04-125 914.55 972.44 659.87
BAUSM-2000 MCN-04-126 891.40 937.71 798.79
NPJ-99 MCN-04-127 1227.12 1203.97 1389.19
SWARNA JYOTI(ZC) MCN-04-128 1389.19 1180.82 1273.43
VARDAN(NC) MCN-04-129 1331.31 1157.66 1180.82
PR-2003-27 MCN-04-130 1250.27 1250.27 1296.58
VARUNA(NC) MCN-04-131 717.75 740.90 578.83
PR-2003-30 MCN-04-132 1169.24 1157.66 1111.36
KRANTI-(NC) MCN-04-133 1203.97 1296.58 1250.27


Note: Strains of mustard  in bold are the four checks.

1. Perform the analysis of variance of the data to test whether there is any difference between treatment effects.

2. Perform all possible pair wise treatment comparisons and identify the best treatment i.e. the treatment giving highest yield. Also identify the other treatments which are non-significantly different from this treatment.  

3. The varieties Swarna Jyoti (MCN-04-128), Vardan (MCN-04-129), Varuna (MCN-04-131) and Kranti (MCN-04-133) were check varieties and rest of them were strains. Test whether the performance of check varieties is significantly different from strains.

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