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Latin Square Design


Example: An experiment was conducted at Agricultural Research Station, Kopurgaon, Maharashtra on cotton during the year 1969-1970 using a Latin Square Design to study the effects of foliar application of urea in combination with insecticidal sprays on the cotton yield. The 6 treatments were {T1 : Control (i. e. no N and no insecticides), T2 :100kg N/ha applied as urea (half at final thinning and half at flowering as top dressing), T3: 100kg N/ha applied as urea(80 kg N/ha In 4 equal split doses as spray and 20 kg N/ha at final  thinning), T4:100 kg. N/ha applied as CAN (half at final thinning and half at flowering as top dressing), T5 : T2 + six insecticidal sprays, T6 : T4 + six insecticidal sprays}. There were 6 replication, and the data of cotton in kg per plot is:





T3   3.10

T6     5.95

T1    1.75

T5      6.40

T2     3.85

T4    5.30

T2    4.80

T1     2.70

T3      3.30

T6    5.95

T4       3.70

T5      5.40

T1    3.00

T2     2.95

T5    6.70

T4    5.95

T6        7.75

T3    7.10

T5    6.40

T4    5.80

T2    3.80

T3      6.55

T1        4.80

T6      9.40

T6   5.20

T3    4.85

T4    6.60

T2     4.60

T5     7.00

T1      5.00

T4    4.25

T5    6.65

T6    9.30

T1    4.95

T3     9.30

T2       8.40




(i) Perform the analysis of the data and identify the best treatment.

(ii) Test whether the average effect of T3(100kg N/ha applied as urea) and T4 (100 kg N/ha ) is same as the average effect of T5(T2 + six insecticidal sprays) and T6(T4 + six insecticidal sprays).





Analysis Using SAS                                                                                       Analysis Using SPSS






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