Variety Selection Module

 GW 273 

GW 273  is a wheat variety  suitable for  timely sown  and irrigated conditions.   It gives an average yield of  41-45 qtls/ha.   The variety normally takes  early (126-134 days) to mature.   On maturity the plants of the variety attains a height of  90-100 cms.  The variety is resistant to stem rust (black rust), leaf rust (brown rust), karnal bunt.  The variety is very good for  chapati making.   Its protein contents is 11-12 percent.  

General Characteristics

This is  T. aestivum species  developed with the parents  CPAN 2084/VW 205.  The year of release was  1998.   The variety was released by  CVRC.  The variety was developed by   GAU, Vijapur.  The variety is widely adopted in the area CZ. 

Plant Characteristics

The growth habit of this variety is   semi erect.  The colour of coleoptile is  green.  Its foliage color is  green.  It takes  medium (91-100 days)  to heading. The peduncle length of its plant is medium (31-50 cms)  and peduncle attitude is straight.  Its pith is thin (hollow).   The auricle pigmentation is  colourless (green)  and auricle pubescence is  absent (no hairs).  The flag leaf attitude is  semi-erect.  Its flag leaf length is  32-34 cms   and leaf width  2.2-2.4 cms  respectively. 

Ear Characteristics

The colur of the ear is  white.  Its shape is  tapering  with density  medium.  The length of spike is   long >12 cms  containing   22-24 spikelets.  Each spike contains 68-70 seeds.   Its awn length is  long >10 cms.  The awn color of the variety is  white.  The awn attitude is spreading.  

Grain Characteristics

Its grain is   amber  in color,   hard in texture,   ovate  in shape  and  bold in size.  The brush hair length is  prominent. Its germ width is   medium   and grain crease is  medium. 

Quality Characteristics

The thousand grain weight for this variety is  40-45 gms.    Its reaction to phenol is  medium.  The hardness index of the variety is 79.   The variety has 81 hecto litre wt.  Its sedimentation value is 30-60 ml.  The potential yield of this variety is 46-50 qtls/ha.