India is renowned world over for its rich repository of spices and is popularly called as the "land of spices". The most of seed spices crops were introduced to India from Mediterranean and central Asian region long time ago. India has old history of cultivation of seed spices crops and enjoys the position of largest producer, consumer and exporter in the world, today. The country is bestowed with immensely rich land races diversity in seed spices crops. Seed spices crops occupy a prominent place in the total basket of spices of the country and play a significant role in our national economy. Altogether 9.7 lac ha of area is under cultivation of seed spices with the production ranging between 5-6 lac tones annually. Seed Spices are important export oriented commodities and about 10 per cent of the produce is exported in the form of raw as well as value added products realizing in foreign exchange worth Rs 275 crores. The production potential of seed spices is much larger than that has been achieved so far. We have to look forward for the new technologies that can be explored and applied to enhance the production of seed spices at the country level.