Medicinal Values

AJWAIN is widely recommended for medicinal purposes like as a calming herb to ease intestinal colic, bronchitis, bronchial asthma stimulating the appetite, treatment of diarrhea, and in laryngitis as a gargle. It is very useful to increase milk flow in nursing mothers.

ANISE is used as an agent for relief of coughs and colds.It improves memory and provides digestive aid.It increases milk production for nursing mothers,relieve in gas pains,helpful in Bronchitis and asthma and also used as mouth freshener.

CARAWAY is safe and effective for relief of colic in young children.The caraway seeds, leaves and roots are considered useful in activating the glands, besides increasing the action of the kidneys.Caraway seeds are useful in strengthening the functions of stomach.They relieve flatulence and are useful in flatulent colic, countering any possible adverse effects of medicines.

CELERY is used as a stimulant for treating Asthma and liver diseases. It is also considered as a natural medicine in different cultures.Celery oils have a specific effect on the regulation of the nervous system with their tranquilizing properties. The seeds of celery relieve flatulence, increase the secretion and discharge of urine and act as an aphrodisiac.

CORIANDER seeds do have a health-supporting reputation. It is said to be appetizer and is indeed an excellent tonic for the eyes. It supplies vitamins and also provides roughage needing for colon to flush out the waste material.

CUMIN is used for proper digestion and nutrient assimilation, healing of stitches and pain. These cure indigestion. It also helps removing Vata dosha from the body. In kerala ayurvedic treatment it is used in many preparation of formulae related to panchkarma.

DILL seeds also make useful addition to cold, flu and cough remedies. These are useful in indigestion and sometimes even in constipation.It is also said to increase mother's milk and help treat breast congestion from nursing. It is mild, and makes a good remedy for colic in babies.

FENNEL is used to improve eyesight, aid digestion and cure obesity besides other uses. In ayurveda it is said to be vatanulomak (one which brings down the gas from intestine). In India it is used as the vehicle after the meals. Like after heavy meals it is custom to serve flavored saunf to the human kinds.

FENUGREEK is used in reducing the blood sugar level and blood pressure; it is rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. It is one of the unique drug to control diabetes mellitus and also to control obesity. Researches found that these seeds control the lipid profile and also good to maintain cholesterol levels in the body.

NIGELLA is used as a cure to all ills.The seeds take the sting out of scorpion bites, help treat intestinal problems, end facial paralysis, stop rheumatoid arthritis in its tracks, and treat kidney problems, heart ailments, and hemorrhoids.They are high in antioxidants, and their smell is said to repel some insects.