Export Potential

The global demand of seed spices is around 98 thousand tonnes,of which at present our country is able to export about 57 thousand tonnes annually,which is 57% of the total demand.There has been an ever-increasing demand of seed spices and importing countries look at India,as consistent source.Keeping this in view,seeds spices are considered not only cash crops but also they can be termed of "dynamic crop commmodities",particularly in the view of there great export potentially.There is good potential for increase in export of seed spices,if quality is improved.

The export of seed spices has shown substantial increase in both quantitiy and value during 2008-09 as compare to last year.Export of cumin,coriander,fennel and fenugreek has recorded all time high both in volume and value during 2008-09.The export of seed spices together accounts for 28% of volume and 18% in value of total export of spices from India.During 2008-09,we have exported 52,550 tonnes of cumin seed valued at Rs 554.00 crore against 28,000 tonnes valuedat Rs 291.50 crore in 2007-08.The export has increased 88% in volume and 87% in value as compared to last year.The major buyer are UAE,USA,Egypt and Bangladesh.Similarly,export of coriander seeds during 2008-09 also increased tremendously,registering an increase of 16% in volume and 85% in value.The major market during 2008-09 is Malaysia,UAE,Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.