Value Addition

The seed spices are used in whole and processed form for imparting aroma and pungency to food.They are commonly used to season the food dishes and products.The major seed spices of India are coriander,cumin,fenugreek and fennel as they are cultivated in sizable area.The minor seed spices include ajwain,celery,dill,nigella etc.India commands a formidable position in the World spice Trade with 45% share in Volume and 30% in Value.Although the seed spices export in increasing year by year but it is unstable.The India despite being the largest producer of seed spices could not exploit their value addition potential as majority of export is in the form of raw produces.There is a great potential for increasing export of Indian spices in the form of value added products.To realize this potential there is need to enhance the quality as per international standard through post harvest technology and value addition at different level of post production system.