Coriander or Dhania (Coriandrum sativum L) is an important seed spice crop of family Apiacae. It is an upright and branched annual plant that grows to a height of 80 cm. the leaves of the plant in our rural and urban areas are used to make chutney. The whole plant is aromatic. The flowers are small, white and pink in colour produced in umbels. Fully mature seeds getting dried turn light brown in colour. The green leaves are also used I salads, soups and pickles./ most of the housewives give a generous sprinkling o0f the green leaves on cooked dishes of meat, pulses and vegetables before they are served. The stem of the plant are used in cooking in Vietnam. The roots have little use in our cooking, but the Thais greatly relish them in their cuisines. Thus non part of the plant goes waste.