Cultural Practises

Sowing Technology

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Seed treatment   Seed treatment plays a very vital role. If the seeds are properly treated it ensures you full germination and there is minimum reduction in yield.Seed treatment ensures protection from diseases and insects and also seed treated with biofertilizers enhance nutrients availablity and use
Time of sowing   Time of sowing is one of the important aspects in obtaining good yields of wheat. It has a marked influence on the yield of wheat. The time of sowing vaNovember. The normal time of sowing of high yielding dwarf varieties in irrigated areas starts in the beginning of November.
Spacing   Row spacing also also plays an important role in cultivation of wheat. In normal conditions a row spacing of 20-22 cms is enough. For higher yield the row sapcing may be reduced to 15 cms.
Method of sowing   The best method of sowing is with a seed drill or dropping seed with a Chonga attached to a deshi plough. Dropping seeds in open furrows behind a deshi plough and broadcasting are found to be inferior to line sowing with seed drill.
Depth of sowing   Depth of sowing is a very important aspect in successful cultivation of high yielding dwarf varieties of wheat. The coleoptiles length is shorter in case of dwarf wheat as compared to tall varieties. The coleoptiles length of high yielding dwarf varieties is about 5 centimeters.
Seed rate   Seed rate varies with variety used depending upon its seed size, germination percentage, tillering ability, time of sowing, moisture content in the soil at the time of sowing and method of sowing. The seed should be well cleaned. All the shrivelled and small grains including weed seeds should be removed.