New Horizon :Technology

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Zero Tillage  

This a technology of sowing in untilled condition with the help of a specially designed fert-seed-drill having knife type furrow openers.

Rotary Tillage  

This is resource conservation tillage technology(RCTT) with a difference as the field is completely pulverised with simultaneous placement of seed and fertilizer.


The Furrow Irrigated Ridge-till Bed-planting System (FIRBS) is a method where cultivation of crops is done on raised beds and it suits the wheat crop.

Surface Seeding  

It is a new technology

Integrated Pest Mangement  

IPM is a systems approach involving the use of cultural practices, crop husbandry, resistant varieties, biological and chemical control strategies to control insect and pest attacks.

Post Harvest Care  

Post harvest losses are the serious threat. Post harvest care guides for minimize losses and better storage practices